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   CAI Wi-Fi Services   
What is CAI Wi-Fi Services about?

The Wireless Airport has become a strategic aspect in the airport environment. Several critical applications are running on wireless network since it provides high flexibility and efficient resource management. With wireless technology and advanced applications such as IP telephony running over a high-availability converged network, airports has increased operational efficiency, reduced costs, improved on-site security, and can moreover offer innovative and valuable services.

Accordingly, Cairo Airport Company has approached AVIT to build and manage CAI Wireless Network as enhanced services for Data, Voice and Video communications for its employees, tenants and passengers.

The Wireless Network at Cairo International Airport is mainly designed to serve Cairo Airport Passengers and Airport Tenants in addition Cairo Airport Employees with emphasis on Internet Connectivity and Voice & Data Services.

However, it is planned to extend the Wireless services to cover the external airports (Sharm El Sheikh & Hurghada) at a latter stage where the proposed solution shall enable the introduction of new various services and applications within the three airports. This will include travelers' services such as Kiosks and Internet Remote Access, in addition to new value added services that would be created for service providers at the airport such as Handling Agents, Airlines, Tourism Companies and Duty free.

What is the Service used for?

The Project will provide the following:

a- Public Wireless LAN Access (Phase I)

  • Internet & E-Mail access
  • Information services
  • Entertainment services
  • Commerce services
  • Loyalty services
b- Wireless VoIP Communications (Phase II)
  • Full telephony functionality over WLAN using PDAs
What Makes this Service Unique?

a- For Internet/Data Connectivity: (Advantages over Dial-up and ADSL) 
  • Mobility
  • Passengers can connect anywhere (from the gates, cafeteria or lounges using their notebooks)
  • Employees can benefit from wireless Internet using handheld devices as well as Data connectivity and the use of XML Applications to connect to office and retrieve requested information at any time
  • Passengers, Tenants and Airport Employees might be able to perform International Calls through the Internet using their Hand-held devices or their notebooks with a wireless card from anywhere at the Airport (when it is made legal)

b- For Voice Connectivity: (Advantages of Wireless IP Phone over the Walky–Talky
     and the Mobile Phone)

  • It could support either one to one conversation (per IP) or one to group (in case pf conference), whereas the Walky-Talky supports only one to many since it is directed to a group and the one who clicks first can take the call
  • Users can perform both local and International calls and receive them via the same device whereas in the Walky-Talky he cannot do the same and should have another device (Mobile)
  • Users can receive local calls with the local call fees since the IP Phone enables callers to reach the IP Phone user through the Normal Landline which cuts down from the call cost if compared to the GSM Charges. At the same time the user can connect to other Airport Employees (within the Network Coverage) with the same landline fees as well
  • Some Phone devices can work on both Wireless Network as well as GSM Network which is an added value to customers using the Wireless Network since they can work with only one phone device and 2 different Networks without missing any calls. At the same time the Network is automatically adjusted according to the best coverage and user can minimize Telecommunication Cost
  • Voice Mail Feature which is not available through Walky-Talky and is more expensive through Mobile phones
  • Configuration is very easy to change in case the customer requested adding more users or IP Numbers where in the Walky-Talky it is very hectic and takes a lot of time and causes system to be down with more possible errors
  • It is much easier to control the SW and to enable some features to some users than others and differentiate between Top Managers and Employees in terms of usage and accessibility
  • Search capabilities through installing employees directory and possibility of immediate allocation for a certain user/employee
  • Possibility of installing Add-ons like Weather Application (for Wired IP Phones) at offices

Who benefit from the Service?

CAI Wi-Fi Services will serve three types of users:

  • Airport Authorities
  • Passengers
  • Business Centers and Airport Tenants.
These include but are not limited to:

     - Airlines
     - Aircraft Maintenance Companies 
     - Ground Services Companies 
     - Handling Agents 
     - Tourism Companies 
     - Cargo 
     - Duty Free 
     - Catering Companies 
     - Hotels 
     - Banks 
     - Restaurants & Cafes

Service Description:

a- Wireless Internet Service

Users can access Internet from any location within the covered areas
through PCs and Notebooks provided that the computer has a Wireless card connected or built in
b- Wireless Data Connectivity

Users can connect to their servers from any location within the covered areas and retrieve Data and Information from their servers provided that their Data Servers are connected to the Internet using a VPN and that the applications they are working on are Web-Enabled
c- Wireless Voice Connectivity (VoIP)

Users can perform calls from any location within the covered areas through wireless phone devices with local rates and can receive calls from any location with the assigned standard rates

Value Added to Customers:

a- Public Wireless LAN Access (Phase I)

  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • New Services Revenue for Airport Tenants

b- Wireless VOIP Communications (Phase II)

  • Voice Communications anywhere within the Airport
  • Service Provision to Tenants
  • No telecom. Operator Charges

Where the Service could be installed or accessed?

Current Wi-Fi Coverage is as follows:

a- For Internet/Data:

  • All TB1 (Excluding Arrival Halls)
    Namely: Check-In, Transit Area, Gates, Cafeterias/Restaurants, Lounges  
  • All TB2 (Excluding Arrival Halls)
    Namely: Check-In, Transit Area, Gates, Cafeterias/Restaurants, Lounges
  • Air Mall

b- For Voice:

  • TB1 <-> TB1
  • TB2 <-> TB2
  • TB1 <-> TB2
  • TB1 <-> AVIT
  • TB2 <-> AVIT
  • TB1 <-> Sharm El Sheikh Airport
  • TB2 <-> Sharm El Sheikh Airport
  • AVIT <-> Sharm El Sheikh Airport

Pre-requisites for using the Service:

Current Features & Functionality:

a- For Internet/Data:

  • Internet Access from anywhere within the covered areas with a PC or Notebook having a Wireless card installed or built in 
  • Data access using a handheld device from anywhere within the covered area provided that the data server is connected to the Internet via VPN and that the application whish the user is trying to access is Web-enabled

b- For Voice:

Data access using a handheld device from anywhere within the covered area provided that the data server is connected to the Internet via VPN and that the application whish the user is trying to access is Web-enabled


Future Service Expansion:

a- For Internet/Data:

  • Installation of PCs at VIP Lounges and Restaurants
  • Installation of Kiosks at Departure Halls & Gates and some Cafeterias
  • Possibility of installing additional software that enable utilizing more applications which are useful to the Airport Tenants (XML)
  • Expanding the covered area to connect between Landside, Airside and Offices next to the Terminal (TB1 specially)

b- For Voice:

  • Expanding the covered area to connect between Landside, Airside and Offices next to the Terminal (TB1 specially)
  • Full connection with Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh airports at a later Stage


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