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What’s Real Time Flight Status About?

One of the major assets managed by AVIT is the Database for Flight Information which includes Real Time Flight Schedules and Exact Flight Status for all Flights of the different airlines “Arriving At” or “Departing From” the Egyptian Airports.

AVIT has successfully made these data available for all customers via 2 dedicated lines (Landline and Mobile) through a customer oriented service which we name as “Real Time Flight Status”. The requested information is extracted from the Airport Operational Data Base (AODB) and delivered to customers via phone upon receiving a call at 090077777 from any land line or at 2777 from any cell phone either MobiNil or Vodafone.

Who would benefit from the Service?

The service enables passengers and any other interested party to have updated information about arrivals and departures of all flights for different airlines presenting the exact arrival or departure of these flights as well as any delays that occur at Cairo, Hurgada or Sharm El Sheikh Airports.

Thus the Flight Information Inquiry Service “Real time Flight Status” aims to serve passengers traveling “To” and “From” the above mentioned airports. Another segment would be companies working in the Aviation or Tourism industry. These include but are not limited to:
  • Travel Agencies.
  • Handling Agents.
  • Tourism Companies.
  • Hotels. (located at Cairo, Hurgada & Sharm El Sheikh)

Engaging the IVR Technique:

IVR is used widely in airline call centers. It is used as a front end to the call, to get the caller to select the most appropriate agent group for that call. For example, an IVR system can force the caller to decide between asking for fare and schedule information, and asking about lost baggage. Depending on the answer, the call will be routed to one group or another. For that matter, the IVR can prompt the caller for specific account or flight information and then perform database retrieval on that information, perhaps giving the caller the information he or she needs without an agent's intervention. You can also use it to route more important customers to specially trained agents, or to shorten their hold times. A myriad of uses, and it's become one of the most important call center front-end tools.

IVR systems allow airport to provide premium service while increasing agent productivity and reducing costs. They shorten call transfer time, supply agents with real-time access to caller information, dynamically prioritize and route calls to appropriate representative, and so on.

AVIT has effectively utilized the capabilities of the IVR Technique and adjusted it to highly contribute to facilitating the inquiring process. Customer’s call is answered through an automatic respond where his inquiry is replied or it might be diverted to an agent based on the customer’s demand, the type of inquiry and the kind of information he needs to know versus the data available by him.

Pre-requisites for using the Service:

The pre-requisite to access this service is only to have an landLine located anywhere in Egypt or an Active Mobile line from any of the two companies “MobiNil” or “Vodafone” either pre-paid card with enough credit or post-paid subscription. By knowing the Numbers to Dial for obtaining the requested Information (090077777 for landline or 2777 for any 012 0r 010 Mobile), passengers or any other interested customer could get what he want in less than 2 minutes.

Benefits to Customers:

  • Accuracy of Data “Rate of Update at AODB based on Real Flight Status.”
  • Efficiency of Agent who answers Customers' requests “How he receives and closes the call for Customer satisfaction.”
  • High Speed for retrieving Information by Agent “Depends on the Software used and how much agents are trained to use it.”
  • Number of Agents assigned versus number of inquiries/calls per day “Agents increase with the increase in the number of calls, specially in the Peak Season to avoid abandoned calls."
  • Very Short Call duration “Time consumed since the Customer dials the Service Number till his inquiry is answered is negligible when compared to any airport or airlines number."
  • Simplicity of the Inquiring Process “Pre-requisites from user from the moment he dials the number till his inquiry is answered are just to know the destination he is asking for and even knowing the flight number is not necessary since the agent could reply this inquiry."
  • Service is Multilingual "Available in Arabic and English Languages”.
  • Information is available for all Airlines and for Scheduled and unscheduled Flights as well as Charters.
  • Credibility of Source providing the Information.

For more information about the service, please e-mail to: marketing@avit.com.eg

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